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Bin Xia, Ph. D.
Cheung Kong Professor, Peking University
       Director and Chief Scientist, Beijing Nuclear Megnetic Resonance   Center (BNMRC)
       Address: Beijing NMR   Center, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China
       Tel: +86-10-62758127      Fax: 010-62753790
       E-mail: binxia@pku.edu.cn
1989-1997 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Ph.D in Biophysics
1985-1989 Peking University, China B.S. in Biophysics/Physiology
2001- present Beijing NMR Center, China Director and Chief Scientist
  Peking University, China Cheung Kong Professor
  College of Chemistry and Molecular Engneering, Peking University Doctoral Supervisor
  School of Life Sciences, Peking University Doctoral Supervisor
1997-2001 Department of Molecular  Biology        The Scripps Research Institute, USA Research Associate

We are interested in  studying 3D structures of proteins and their interactions with other proteins,  nucleic acids, and small molecule ligands, using NMR spectroscopy along with  other techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology, aiming to reveal  protein structure-function relationship and molecular mechanisms for protein  functions, including the roles of anti-tumor gene H-REV-107 family proteins in  cell death, the structural basis of bacterial nucleoid-associated proteins in  transcription regulation, the function of pro-apoptotic protein Bcl-XL in  autophagy, the mechanism of glutaredoxins in iron and oxygen sensing, and  protein folding and structural fluctuations using SARS-CoV main protease as a  model.